Writing an Interview Essay – Top Tips!

The role an interview plays in a person’s life should never be underestimated. It makes no difference whether you have to write an interview essay as part of a job application or to get admitted to a college. You should aim to use every opportunity to ensure your essay is the best it can be. The following tips are designed to show you how to succeed at interview.

Useful Tips for Writing Interview Essays

  • The first step in writing an interview essay is choosing an interviewee or subject

You will either be given guidelines by your tutor or professor or you will be free to choose your own subject. Needless to say, it is essential your chosen interviewee is willing to cooperate. It does not matter if you find someone to be very interesting you will have to select an alternative if they do not want to participate in an interview with you.   

  • Carrying out the actual interview

To get the best possible results from an interview, provide a comfortable setting for the interviewee. While you might be happy working with audio or video equipment, the person you are interviewing might find this off-putting. Find out in advance before introducing any AV equipment. Set this up somewhere that is at least unobtrusive to enable the interview to flow smoothly and freely. Have a list of standard questions ready to get everything off to a good start but do not hesitate to digress.   

  • Organize your information

Once you have obtained the information you need from your interview, your next task is to organize it. This usually means creating an essay outline.

How to Order an Interview

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Putting Everything Together

Once your outline is drafted and you have an idea how you will present the information you obtained, the next step is bringing all this together with a view to writing your essay. Often, one of the greatest challenges with writing is finding sufficient momentum to begin. Our advice here is to just get stuck in. It will always be possible to return later to edit your content. The words you write should be easy for readers to understand and they should flow in a logical manner.

Polish and Perfect Your Essay

When your thoughts and ideas are all transmitted to paper, you need to proofread it and edit it one final time. Pay close attention to punctuation and grammar.

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