Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • In what way is PrimeWritings.net different from other writing companies?
    When anyone orders a piece of custom written work from PrimeWritings.net, they are assured of high-quality and fully-guaranteed products at affordable prices. Furthermore, each text is written to professional standards by native speaking English writers. Every writer in our team is highly-educated and extensively experienced in their craft. The customer support service we provide is the best online. Undoubtedly, our online writing services are the most reputable and professional that exists!
  • Why do I find I cannot place a large order with a tight deadline? Why does this option appear disabled on your website?
    The custom writing services we offer are operated on the basis of integrity and honesty. In cases where we think we cannot complete a large order to our usual high-quality standards by the stipulated deadline, we will not accept that order. Please understand that it is not possible to produce a long and high-quality paper within mere hours. Some writing services may accept these orders along with the customer’s payment. When this is done dishonestly, the customer will undoubtedly be left disappointed. Our company offers a number of deadline options. Therefore, you may select whichever one best suits your order type.
  • Does your company offer reductions or discounts?
    As a way of thanking and rewarding customer loyalty, PrimeWritings.net offers a number of great discounts. The greater the number of pages you order, the larger the discount! Our customer services team will gladly provide more information on our discount options.
  • Is there a way of uploading documents or files if my assigned writer asks for these?
    Yes, you may upload files or additional files at writer’s request a) through the administration area on our website, b) by email or c) via our company’s live chat system. Furthermore, you should see a messaging service in the same administration area, and you can use this to directly communicate with your assigned writer.
  • What happens if I cannot supply the references required to complete my paper?
    Do not worry! Our expert writers have some great libraries and databases at their disposal. Therefore, they are well-positioned to thoroughly research your topic and collect any information needed to do an excellent job on your assignment.
  • Can I change my order instructions before my paper is completed?
    It is important you provide accurate instructions and essential materials at the time of submitting your order. Our professional writers always adhere to initial instructions. Consequently, if you want to change your original requirements while writing is in progress - e.g., alter the size, type or level of paper or alter other aspects – we will ask you to submit another order with revised guidelines to compensate our writer for their work.
  • By what means will I receive my completed paper?
    Once a paper is complete, it can be directly downloaded from our company’s website. We can alternatively email your order to you on request. Where an order is comprised of just a single file, you will receive it as a .doc (MS Word) attachment. However, if your order contains multiple files, you will receive these in zipped format.
  • Does your company apply any additional costs or fees other than those displayed on your website?
    The price that you are initially quoted for an order by PrimeWritings.net is the total price you can expect to pay. Our company does not apply any additional fees or hidden costs. Once you fill in your order details, you will be shown the final price.
  • Can I be certain you will assign the best and most suitable writer to my order, and how will I know?
    Every writer employed by PrimeWritings.net is highly-educated, extremely competent, and knowledgeable in a number of scholarly fields. When hiring writers, we make absolutely sure that each applicant is academically-qualified and an expert in one field at least. Upon receipt of an order and a payment, we allocate it to a writer who is suitably-qualified to complete it. This is how we can guarantee that our end products will attract the best grade possible.
  • Will my paper be delivered on time?
    Our company has been operating in this field for several years. In this time, we have not been known to be late completing or delivering a customer’s order. Additionally, our money-back guarantee stipulates that all work will be completed in the agreed timeframe. Therefore, we are strict about meeting deadlines so you need not worry. Where we think a customer requires a paper in an impossible or unachievable timeframe, we do not accept their order. From the options shown on our company’s website, you may select the deadline you require.
  • What should I do if I am dissatisfied with the paper I receive?
    Should you feel dissatisfied with your paper, you may request a free revision for up to two days (48 hours) following deadline expiration. In case of longer assignments, e.g., papers of twenty pages or more, we offer free revisions for up to one month (30 days) after completion. However, please remember that original instructions should not be altered. In the event you feel the revised paper is still unsatisfactory, you can apply for a refund for up to two (2) weeks after the expiration of your original deadline. When submitting a refund request, please state your reasons clearly. We will respond within three to four days.

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