• I cannot register my order online. The page will not update and I cannot proceed with the order placement till the end.

    It is one of the frequent problems and we assume that the reason lies in the exceeding size of the files that you attach to the order registration form. In this case, do not attach the files to the form but rather send them via email to the live chat support.

  • I was filling in the order placement form, but have indicated wrong urgency/paper length/ order type, etc. Can I make the changes so that my writer provides what I need?

    After clients submit the order registration form, it is impossible to make the changes on their own since the writer follows original instructions. However, you can contact the customer support team and they will make the updates accordingly. Besides, the writer will be informed about the updates. The price will be recalculated according to the new instructions, so keep in mind that you may need to pay extra, especially if you shorten the deadline or when you need higher complexity level.

  • How can I add more pages to my essay?

    If you need more pages to the order you have placed, you have to place an additional order. When you do so, please indicate the ID of the order that should be extended and pay the difference in price. After you pay the compensation, the writer will receive the updates and will make the necessary changes. Should you need assistance with that, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team with that.

  • How do I know if the writer is assigned or not?

    If you are worried about whether your paper is being worked on, you can check the order status manually — in your account. Or you can contact the customer support team and ask them for details. In any case, as soon as the order is assigned, the writer`s ID appears in the order details.

  • Can I get a paper draft before the final version?

    Sure, you can. Getting a draft is an additional service, and it is also paid extra as well. We provide a one-page draft document and it is delivered after half the deadline passes.

  • Can I ask my assigned writer to revise the paper if there are some flaws or inconsistencies?

    Definitely, our company provides a revision option. Besides, within the first two days (or thirty days depending on the length of the piece of writing) after the paper delivery, revision can berequested for free. You need to provide remarks and comments on what needs to be revised and also give the writer precise time for revising the paper.

  • How can I modify my personal and contact details in the private account?

    If you need to change the password, name, contact details, etc., you can do all this by clicking the “Edit” button in the “Profile” tab. To introduce the changes, you will first have to log into the system.

  • How much time does it take you to assign a writer to work on the paper?

    Our company`s administration goes the extra mile trying to find the writer within the shortest time possible. However, it depends on the academic level of writing, topic, deadline, and subject area. On average, it takes from a few minutes to a few hours.

  • I need my essay to be revised, but the free period for sending revision requests has already expired. Can I still send a revision?

    In the described case, you can send the revision that is paid extra. As such, to place the revision request, you will need to register a new order and select “Revision” as the order type.

  • Can I talk to my assigned writer?

    We do not share personal contact details among clients and writers. The only possible option to reach your writer is to use the direct messaging system on the website. You need to log into your account, click the needed order ID, and message your writer if you have questions related to that order.

  • Where can I find my paper?

    As soon as the paper is completed, your assigned writer will upload the paper to the system. As such, you will also be able to get access to it from your account after logging in. If you cannot find the order and you need it urgently, do not postpone the issue and contact the live chat support for help.

  • Can I order only academic writing or online tests too?

    We have a team of writers who can provide assistance with online exams, tests, quizzes, multiple choice questions assignments, and other related tasks. These writers are available to take the tests for you in the real-life regime. You can place such order with us, i.e. “Online test” namely, and send the instructions. You need to provide materials for preparation well beforehand so that the writer has sufficient time to get ready. Last but not the least, you have to provide the writer with credentials to the platform, indicate your time zone, and also provide with information on the precise time when the test starts and how long it takes.

  • I want you to do my coding assignment. Can you help me?

    Our company specializes in providing custom writing services only. We do not accept orders related to app development, programming, coding, and related spheres.

  • How am I supposed to receive messages from your service?

    Once you have registered on our website and started to cooperate with us, be sure that you will get email notifications concerning any activities in your account. Additionally, you may get SMS, calls and messages.

  • How can I check when my paper is assigned to a writer?

    Go to the order details and pay attention to what the order status says. “Payment verification” means that we are waiting for the payment confirmation. If you have not paid yet, be sure to do so and then send us the receipt. The“Processing” status means that the order has been assigned and is handled by the writer. The“Sent” means that you should already look for the paper in the completed files.

  • When will I get my paper?

    All papers are uploaded by writers at around the indicated deadline. The countdown of the deadline starts from the moment you have paid for the order and verified it.

  • I encounter troubles placing my essay online. What should I do?

    Check whether you have written information in the required fields. If yes, the problem most probably lies in the excessive size of the files attached. Instead of trying to upload them with the order registration form, better prefer to send them via email to the live chat support (remember to indicate your order ID). Our company support representatives will forward the materials to your writer.

  • Where does the writer upload completed orders?

    When the order is uploaded to the system, it then becomes visible in our account after you log into. You will then have to find the needed order ID and find the document in the completed files section.

  • I have been paying for the order, but it still says that I should pay.

    You need to be 100% sure, whether the payment went successfully or not. So, try checking whether there is a payment receipt in the inbox. You should have received a confirmation via email that the payment went successfully. In such case, you just have to forward this receipt to us. If there is no receipt, then you need to find out whether money has been withdrawn from your bank account. If you cannot proceed with the payment, you may also try using another browser or device.

  • Do you send papers to clients earlier if the writers have written them well in advance?

    Our company uploads papers according to the set deadlines. Should you need your paper earlier, you will have to pay a compensation so that your writer finishes it faster and the editors have time to proofread and edit it as well.

  • Do you send papers via email to customers?

    Papers are uploaded via the system to customers’ private accounts. You are welcome to download them from your cabinet. We only send notifications to your email, where you can find the link to paper downloading.

  • I have picked supreme level of order, and I want to pick a preferred writer. Should I pay extra for the preferred writer service?

    When you pick supreme level of writing, you are automatically guaranteed that your assigned writer will be one of the best 30 writers on our team. Additionally, you will be issued a plagiarism report. Still, if you need some specific writer, you need to pay for this option separately. Our Writing Department will make sure to assign the needed expert to your paper as soon as possible.

  • I do not want to share my phone number and other contact information. Do I really have to do that? Why do you require this data?

    It is not 100% obligatory to share your number with us, but when we have your contact details, we can guarantee proper communication with you on different stages of writing.

  • Do you guarantee privacy? Is there a chance that my personal information will leak?

    Our company guarantees 100% confidentiality and security since this is our company`s core value. There is no chance that any of the information will ever be disclosed.

  • I know that I have a limited time for sending free revisions. Am I also limited in the number of revisions that can be requested during that time? Can I send only one request or more than one?

    We do not impose a limited number of revisions that can be sent during this period. You can send as many revisions as needed until your paper satisfies you.

  • How can I be certain that my paper is free from plagiarism?

    It is one of our company`s missions to guarantee plagiarism-free writing. Each order is scanned via anti-plagiarism checker before it is delivered to the client.

  • Who will be working on my assignment?

    We guarantee that we will find the best specialist who is well-versed in your subject area. As such, you can be sure that the content will be free from plagiarism, and will be written according to the paper requirements.

  • How can I know whether my paper was edited or not?

    Editing and proofreading services are guaranteed when you purchase a VIP services package. So, once you tick the proofreading option, this service will be added up to the total price.

  • How can I be sure that my assigned writer is working on the paper consistently?

    If you wonder whether the writer has been assigned, you can check it in the order details. Specifically, the “Processing” status indicates that the order is being worked on. You can also be notified of the order process via SMS, the option that is included in the VIP services. You will get text messages every time the status of your assignment alters.

  • I have just remembered that I have indicated a wrong deadline. I need my paper faster, so what should I do?

    According to the company`s policy, you cannot change order requirements once you have submitted the order form and once a writer has started working on it. In such case, you have to contact the customer support agents and they will provide updates on your behalf. After that, you will have to pay a compensation for the changed urgency.

  • I want to order a new paper from you and choose the writer who has already been working on my previous order. How is it possible to pick him/her again?

    If you liked how that specific writer completed a paper for you, it is important that you find his/her ID and insert it into the new order placement form in the “Preferred Writer” field. You will have to pay additional 15% to the total order price for this option.

  • What is your service responsible for?

    We are responsible for providing you with 24/7 customer support help, delivering only plagiarism-free papers, and notifying you of every step of the writing process.

  • Can your writers cope with difficult academic assignments?

    Yes, sure. We have a versatile team of writers who are capable of coping with plenty of assignments ranging from high school and college to Master`s and PhD levels. You can also send the instructions beforehand to be sure that we have the needed specialist.

  • I cannot pay for the order. What may be the problem?

    First, try using another web browser or paying via another banking card. If these do not help, you definitely have to contact your bank for clarifications.

  • I click the “Proceed” button, but the order placement form will not reload.

    Maybe the web page cannot refresh because you have attached many files. Try sending them via email to the customer support agents.

  • I paid for the order, but I keep getting the message that I have to pay.

    Here you need to check the following aspects. First, check your inbox and find the payment receipt. You should have been sent it if the payment process was successful. If you have found it, just send it to us via email as a proof of your payment. Second, if there is no receipt, you need to log into your banking account and find information whether money has been withdrawn from your account. In case the payment was not conducted, you should try another device/browser/payment processing company/card.

  • Before I place an order with you, I want to make sure if you have writers who can deal with the task. Is it possible to do?

    Yes, sure. You can provide us your paper instructions, for example, send them via email or live chat. Then we will forward them to the Writing Department and will clarify who is ready to accept your order.

  • I do not want to provide my contact details. Can I skip that?

    Of course, we cannot forcefully oblige you to provide us your phone number. But how would we be able to contact you in urgent situations? It would be your own responsibility then.

  • I got notified that my paper will be refunded. I wonder how much time it will take till I get my money back.

    On our part, we guarantee that this refund period will take from 3 to 5 business days. However, it also depends on your bank.

  • How can I reach my assigned writer?

    The only contact option that we provide our clients when they want to get in touch with their writer is the direct messaging system on the company website. You can communicate with your writer on the order-related matters when you are logged into your account.

  • Where can I find my completed essay?

    You need to log into the personal account, go to the “My Orders” section, then find the section of completed papers, and find the needed order ID. In the “Files” tab, you will be able to download the paper.

  • When will I get the paper?

    You will receive your paper as soon as the deadline expires. Our writers always deliver papers in a timely manner. So, please expect your paper at around the indicated deadline. You can check the deadline in your personal account in the order details.

  • My assignment is based on the book. Can my assigned writer buy the needed book to complete my paper?

    According to the rules and company`s policies, clients should provide all materials to their writers. If some materials are not available online, it is important for customers to buy them and then scan the pages if required.

  • I was trying to submit my paper online, but the web page keeps loading.

    Try to refresh the webpage. Check whether all required fields were filled out. In other case, check on the attached files and their size. If you have uploaded some big files, better send them via email to the customer support agents.

  • If I need to write an extra page for my paper. Where can I pay for it and how can I ask my writer to add it?

    You need to create an additional order and place it on the website. As such, you need to mention the order details (ID) in the new placement form. After you pay for this additional page, the order will be forwarded to your writer and he/she will add the needed page.

  • I indicated the wrong deadline. Is it possible to shorten it? I need my paper faster.

    Yes, sure, but you have to inform the customer support agents about that. Besides, since the deadline will change, you will have to compensate for the total price for the order.

  • I want to place an order with you, but I cannot find a needed order type on the list.

    If you send us your paper requirements, we will try to identify what order type you need. So, do not hesitate and contact us via live chat.

  • Can you guarantee plagiarism-free papers?

    Yes, sure. We provide only original and authentic content since each paper is written from scratch according to custom requirements. Additionally, you will get a possibility to check your paper after completion for plagiarism by specific software, i.e. PlagiarismSearch. Please note that such checker as Turnitin is not used by our agency since it remembers the scanned writing projects meaning they cannot be submitted twice.

  • Can I be sure of the confidentiality of your services?

    Our service is 100% confidential. The privacy policy guarantees that none of your personal, contact or any other details will ever be disclosed to the third parties. Nobody will ever get to know that you have been using custom writing service from us.

  • Will I get my essay on time?

    Our company`s writers always provide papers according to the set deadline. Our specialists can even deal with urgent assignments and deliver them in a timely manner.

  • I want to buy an order from you. I wonder if the prices are negotiable.

    We have fixed prices in our company. Price for each order is formed individually since it depends on the type of the assignment, complexity, academic writing level, deadline, and length. If you want to calculate price for a specific order, please contact our customer support service for help. The agents will assist you with that. Besides, if you want to get a paper cheaper, you can use some discounts and special offers.

  • If I have a question to my writer, how can I talk to him/ her?

    Whenever you have questions, updates or clarifications, you can use the direct messaging system on the website.

  • I cannot successfully submit the order as the page keeps freezing/becomes gray/will not reload.

    Normally, the reason for that is the exceeding size of the files attached. So, try not to attach a lot of files, especially if they are big ones. Instead of attaching files, you can send them separately via electronic mail. Our company`s customer support agents will then send them to your writer.

  • I want to place an online test assignment. It will last for one hour, but I cannot find this urgency option. Can I get you help still?

    Contact the customer support representatives for help. First, they will need to find whether there is a writer available on the website. Then you will be able to upload all the necessary materials for your writer to prepare for the test.

  • Can I get refunded money in form of bonus credits if the order is refunded?

    Surely, you can do it if you inform our customer care agents about your decision. We have a financial department that cares for such matters, so they may help you out as well. The bonus credits are available to be used for partial or full order payment once your refund application is processed and approved.

  • When will I receive my order and how can I download the paper?

    You will receive the order according to the deadline you have set in the order registration field. Uploaded papers can be downloaded by clients from their personal accounts.

  • I am not sure what type of assignment I should choose.

    If you are not sure about the assignment type, please ask our live chat support for help. You will have to show them your requirements and they will help you decide on the order type.

  • Can I be certain that I will receive a top-quality paper from you? Can I be sure that I will get an A for the paper you write?

    We never guarantee marks, because the grading process is really subjective. However, what we can definitely assure you of is the brilliant quality of writing. We ascertain you that all requirements will be met, the formatting style will be adhered to, all sources will be organized properly. All in all, you can order a paper of any writing level: from college to MA or PhD.

  • I want to get my order earlier than I have indicated in the deadline. Can I do it?

    According to the company`s policy, you will receive papers strictly according to the deadline you have mentioned. If you want to get your paper sooner, you need to pay additionally for quick delivery of the paper. Contact the live chat support and they will tell you how much should be compensated for the difference in urgency.

  • Who writes papers at your company?

    All papers are written by professional, highly qualified, and experienced writers. When assigning a professional to work on your order, we make sure that their major is relevant to your subject area or the topic of your paper.

  • Can I first check if you have writers who can handle my assignment?

    To be sure that your task can be successfully written, you can send your instructions to our customer support team. We will first check whether the paper can be completed and then will get back to you with the answer.

  • What do I need to know about the pricing policy?

    The most important factor is that the pricing policy is stable and fixed. Nonetheless, the price varies depending on the requirements. Some of the most important factors to consider when calculating the order price are paper type, length, academic level, deadline, and others. You can calculate the total price on the website or with the help of our live chat support.

  • How will I receive my completed writing assignment?

    When your writer finishes the task, you will get a notification to your email. To download the paper, you will have to go to your personal profile, click the “Completed Orders” button and download it from there.

  • I have written a part of my assignment on my own. I cannot finish it and want to ask whether you can complete it for me?

    Our writers can finish the assignment started by you. It is important to send the part of paper that you have written as well as paper requirements.

  • What are the working hours of your company?

    You can contact us any time as we operate 24/7.

  • Can you deal with urgent orders?

    Our company can handle papers even with pressing deadlines. We strongly recommend you to contact the customer support agents first and clarify whether there are available writers to handle your paper on time.

  • I want to choose a specific writer to work on my paper. How can I pick the one?

    You need to pay additionally for the preferred writer option. You just need to know the writer`s ID. Find it in the previous order ID description and insert it into the new form.

  • I need some parts to be corrected in my paper. Do you provide a revision option?

    Without a doubt, you can rely on your assigned writer for revision. There is a free revision option that is given within two days after the order upload. If you have changed initial requirements for your order or if you want to send a revision request after the free revision period, keep in mind that you need to place a separate “Revision” order type on the website.

  • Do you guarantee excellent grades?

    We never guarantee some specific grades for the orders we provide our clients. However, we definitely assure our customers that they will never regret purchasing orders from us since they are plagiarism-free and original assignments of impeccable quality.

  • Is there any possibility of checking my papers for plagiarism with your service?

    When you order the VIP “The Plagiarism Check” option when you buy an order from us, you will get a chance to get your pieces of writing checked for plagiarism by ThePlagiarism.com during one year at no cost.

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