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One of the universal types of interaction used to establish a business partnership is a memo. Memoranda are official papers written in a laconic manner aimed at delivering messages between the employees of an organization or its departments. Hence, the initial purpose of memos is providing the partner(s) with the requested information.

Though the purpose of memoranda is pretty clear, there may appear several questions on how to write a memo correctly. Remember, the success of such a note directly depends on strict adherence to a number of rules.

Intention and Potential Readers

Before proceeding with your piece of writing, clearly state its purpose.

What goals does your memorandum pursue? Does it issue a proclamation? Are you imparting any information?

A further step is to identify the target audience. Who do you address your message to? Is it your company’s CEO, board of directors, consulting branch workers? Analyzing the potential recipients will serve as a helping hand in writing a coherent and intelligible business message.

The Title

The function of the title, a line on the top of the page (above the text), is obvious. It provides the readers with key information about both the sender and receiver, the date it was delivered, and the issue.

The Main Body

The main points to consider are transparency and conciseness. Make sure it will be easy for the receiver to fully understand the gist of your writing.

The first phrase of the memo should reiterate the topic you are going to discuss. Do your best to preserve a smooth flow of information in the introductory paragraph! Remember that the first passage should focus on the key purpose and define the style of the whole writing. All in all, the opening paragraph is a brief summary of the content of your paper. It is the basis for the following passages developing the main idea.

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Make certain the written memo does not include irrelevant information. Confine yourself to one page of a written text. You should never fail to mention essential details just to make the text concise. Still, bear in mind that the brevity of your memorandum guarantees that readers will fully understand it.


When referring to some sources in the course of producing your piece of writing, remember to put citations in the quotation marks. Additionally, make a list of the used sources on the separate page.

Identifying Mistakes

It is essential to take a fresh look on your paper after having completed the first stage of the writing process. The best choice is to hire an experienced editor to check the work for you.

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Memoranda are official business documents widely used within a company to keep the employed staff informed. They serve to provide the employees with instructions, announce new rules in a brief and coherent manner avoiding further questioning, etc.

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