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  • 4 Study Tricks for People with Type B Personality

    4 Study Tricks for People with Type B Personality

    It’s easy to presume that the only people who can be achievers are Type A personalities with their persistence and the never-ending need to do something. However, being a Type B person does not mean you cannot be successful. Here are several tips on how to study better for people who are more relaxed. Plan Your Study Sessions in Advance The way I see it, the more time you spend preparing, the less time you’ll have to worry. Remember that writing tasks down properly now will save you time and nerves later on. It also provides you with the flexibility to learn whenever you ...

  • Is It Possible to Travel Forever?

    Is It Possible to Travel Forever?

    If you have decided to start travelling for a long period of time, you should plan every single detail ahead. Otherwise, you might end up in the middle of nowhere with no money left. Undoubtedly, hotels are expensive and rental accommodations are impractical in every city you visit. However, hostels are a reasonable option since they are cheaper. Besides, hostels are a wonderful place to meet other travelers. What are other options except for the hostels? Here are some of the most useful ones. Caretaker’s Gazette This service provides you with an access to a classified system of ...

  • Are Computers Taking over Our Lives?

    Are Computers Taking over Our Lives?

    Computers, initially invented to simplify human lives, have performed this task with a great efficiency and, thus, our computer dependence has significantly increased basically due to the convenience it provides. Many of us cannot even imagine our lives without computers because of the simplicity of its usage. Having designed it to help us in our professional goals, the inventors could not ever foresee the extent to which computers will enter our lives. The Role of Computers in our Lives It would not be an overstatement if someone says that in modern era computers play the most important ...

  • Get Better Grades with Essay Writing Tips

    Get Better Grades with Essay Writing Tips

    More than 50% of students get lower grades because of the wrong essay’s structure. This paper will provide you with a clear understanding of how to organize your essay and what to include in it. Follow the further instructions to improve your essay writing. Being a student of a higher school or college requires the ability to write well-structured academic papers, which usually have the following structure: the introduction, the main body (consists of three paragraphs) and the conclusion. At large, your essay should have not less than five paragraphs. The Introduction Start your ...

  • 10 Apps You That Will Earn You Extra Money

    10 Apps You That Will Earn You Extra Money

    Foap You can use this application to get an additional income by making photos. A cool thing about Foap is that you can charge any price for your photos, which means that your earning potential is limitless. Mind that you have to make unique quality photos in order to set high prices for them. A lot of people are looking for interesting photos and creative ideas, so you may be surprised by how many people would like to buy the photo of your cat in a pirate costume. Bookscouter This app allows you to earn money by selling old books. Just scan each barcode with the help of your smartphone ...

  • Detailed Explanation of why and how to Write a Persuasive Essay

    Detailed Explanation of why and how to Write a Persuasive Essay

    It won’t sound as the exaggeration if to say that people practice persuading others on a daily basis. Whether you try to convince parents to buy you an iphone 7, a friend to join a party, or a salesman to knock a few dollars off the price, you use various kinds of persuasive language to achieve your aim. Reasons to Learn How to Write a Persuasive Essay Firstly, let’s examine the main reasons of why it is important to know how to write persuasive essays correctly. Apart from it is one of the tasks your teacher gives you to complete, it is a unique opportunity to learn to persuade ... Testimonials


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