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  • Best Cafes for Students in the United States

    Best Cafes for Students in the United States

    If you are a student, you will probably like students’ cafes – places, where you can have something to eat, rest, and chat with your friends. Actually, such cafes play an integral role in students’ lives as they help students get to know each other in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Besides, eating a meal together allows uniting people: when people have a meal together, they try to feel more comfortable and it becomes much easier to start talking to one another. Top Students’ Cafes in the USA Spider House Texas University students use this great opportunity to enjoy ...

  • How You Can Benefit from Summer Part-Time Job

    How You Can Benefit from Summer Part-Time Job

    When spring ends, for students it is the most peaceful time of the year – summer. There is so much leisure time and lazy days, no responsibilities, and … degradation. It is more than 2 months of free time and you are a maniac if you waste your summer for nothing! One of the most beneficial ways to spend this time is to apply for a part-time job. Not only will you earn some extra cash for the next studying year, but gain such necessary life experience that one will only obtain during working hours. What Is Good about Having Summer Job Learning from Professionals In order to ...

  • 6 Thing to Do Before a Timed Writing Exam

    6 Thing to Do Before a Timed Writing Exam

    Timed exams present their own challenges, especially if a student is required to write an essay. It is very hard for some people to articulate their ideas when they are under pressure. There is no special secret of how to succeed. All you need to do is to keep a cool head and prepare in advance. Here are six tips that will help you to get the correct state of mind to ace you timed writing exam. Reduce Your Stress Level Don’t get me wrong – a little bit of stress is good for you. It helps you to focus and gather your strength. However, some people have problems dealing with the ...

  • Effective Study Tips for Those Who Care About Finals

    Effective Study Tips for Those Who Care About Finals

    Finals week is the most stressful period in college. When you ask an ordinary student how he/she feels during examination period, they will most likely tell you they are terrified. What makes them so scared? In most cases, young people are afraid to fail the tests and face negative consequences of not preparing well before exams. Is it possible to overcome stress and feel confident about your strength during finals? Of course! All you need to do is to follow these study tips carefully. Essential Steps to Effective Exam Preparation Find a Study Partner Everyone is stressed during the finals ...

  • Tips for Those Who Are Entering the Workplace

    Tips for Those Who Are Entering the Workplace

    When you are starting your career path, your first job might seem scary. Undoubtedly, you have the required skills, and you know how to do your work. However, you need a lot more than just being able to fulfill your work. Here are a few tips that are suitable for anyone who takes their first job. Even though different people work in different places, we all meet some general demands and challenges at a new job.Regardless of your experience, you will probably start your new job at the bottom of the career hierarchy. Believe it or not, the process of fitting yourself into the company culture ...

  • How to Study for Tests

    How to Study for Tests

    I know that feeling. When you come back from a summer break and you feel as if you completely forgot how to study. However, as weeks pass by, you get used to the routine and slowly recollect what studying means. What I found most dissatisfying is that teachers usually give tests and homework during the first week of classes. That’s unfair and plainly silly! I wish there were a rule banning these dubious practices to let students transit into the academic process more smoothly. Because I understand that my wishes are just mere dreams, I’d like present my study tips to become a ... Testimonials


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