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  • World War I Essay: The Role of Machine Guns

    World War I Essay: The Role of Machine Guns

    How Did Machine Guns Managed to Change the World War I? No one can say that war is something that he/she likes, but unfortunately, sometimes it is inevitable. During the war, a country, which is less progressive in an aspect of technology, occupies a disadvantageous position in the conflict comparing to the one, which is more developed. In case when no one has an advantage over another, tactics gets crucial. Machine guns are considered to be the most important weapons during World War I. However, at the very beginning of the war, a machine gun was not considered as powerful as it ...

  • Cross-Cultural Marriages

    Cross-Cultural Marriages

    In 2010, the U.S. Pew Research Center conducted a research according to which 15% of newly married couples were interracial. Also, the overall percentage of cross-cultural marriages was eight percent, which is a significant growth comparing to four percent in 1986. This growth tendency does contribute to the issue of racial tolerance. Also, racial tolerance is strengthened by family related reasons, age and mass media. Family Bonds Influences Racial Tolerance As it was already stated, family related reasons as like family bonds make a great contribution into cross-cultural tolerance. 35% of ...

  • Tips on Writing an Essay about Loneliness with Flying Colors

    Tips on Writing an Essay about Loneliness with Flying Colors

    Essay writing is an inevitable part of academic writing. Thus, it is very important to gain good essay writing skills in order to perform well. These skills come in handy in getting good grades and understanding a subject better. So, if you want to surpass the expectations of your teacher, it is worth considering the following tips. Prepare Your Work Any activity you start won’t be successful if you don’t prepare well. It is vital to know what you are writing about, what techniques you use, who is your target reader, etc. So, if you keep these pointers in mind, your research ...

  • Ways to Succeed in Literature Class

    Ways to Succeed in Literature Class

    Whether you are taking English classes in high school, college or university, you should know several tips on how to succeed in the literature class. Reading the material, listening to your professor and preparing for classes can make all the difference in the way you understand books, poetry and stories for the class. Here are some ways to success in the literature class. Always Be on Time You can miss out vital information, homework assignment or something else of great importance when you are even several minutes late for class. Keep in mind that in order to prevent tardiness, some ...

  • George Michael: Music Career

    George Michael: Music Career

    George Michael was a British pop icon, whose songs were, are and will be sang all over the world, and whose engaging melodies will remain global hits over decades. Such singles as Last Christmas, Careless Whisper and many others have numerously hit pop charts of different countries as well as won a great number of music awards during George Michael’s singing career. Blessed with powerful, soulful voice, good looks and talent to compose catchy songs, George Michael got to the level of a superb singer, songwriter, record producer and simply a generous person, willing to help people in ...

  • Religious Discrimination

    Religious Discrimination

    Numerous discrimination events take place in the world every day and, unfortunately, no one is insured of it. Religion is one of the most common reasons for discrimination. Although plenty of programs aimed at fighting against faith prejudgments are held in every country, human’s mentality can still be hardly changed. Hundreds of people suffer every day simply because they trust there is another god than others believe in. In this article, we will describe a couple of examples of religious discrimination. Jokes and Pranks This one is the most common way referred to demonstrate ... Testimonials


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