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  • How to Write Descriptive Essay on My Favorite Food

    How to Write Descriptive Essay on My Favorite Food

    Writing an essay on a topic that excites you, makes you reminisce about some pleasant moments of your life or discussing in your essay issues you’re pretty experienced in and have enough background knowledge, is the best assignment you could have ever received from your professor. Descriptive essays on your favorite food don’t usually scare students to death in comparison with, for example, writing compare and contrast or persuasive essays as the food issue, in any way, concerns each of us. However, to create an outstanding essay, it isn’t enough to only like your topic ...

  • Journal Cover Letter Writing Tips

    Journal Cover Letter Writing Tips

    Cover letter writing is not less important than the writing of a manuscript for the journal itself. Very often, editors evaluate the quality of an article by reading a cover letter to it. As a result, this part of writing should be treated with not less attention and preciseness. The main aim of a cover letter is to make the commission or editor to forward your manuscript further for peer review. The cover letter represents a short outline of your article, as well as an explanation why it is an appropriate piece of writing for a specific journal. Remember that cover letter is a formal ...

  • How to Plan a Research Design

    How to Plan a Research Design

    If you need to write a research proposal, you’ll also need to deal with one of its constituents – research design also known as a research strategy. In short, it describes your plan of conducting an investigation necessary for writing a dissertation. But before you describe your dissertation plan, you first need to create a plan for the research design itself. The best way to do it is to answer a number of questions that will already give you a clear overview of the research strategy. These questions you can find below in this article. To give you a better picture of what a ...

  • Vital Reasons for Traveling

    Vital Reasons for Traveling

    This article is for both those who love traveling and those who are still full of thoughts and doubts about it. What are the main reasons that people travel a lot? What motivates them to be active and spend their holidays and vacations traveling around the world? You will find answers to these and other questions reading this short article! Let us go! Connect with the World Every day we have a lot of tasks to do. It leads to our overloading with routines, problems, etc. We have no time for relaxing and enjoying life. Moreover, even when everything is going well, it seems to us that things ...

  • Dissertation Conclusion Chapter Writing

    Dissertation Conclusion Chapter Writing

    Every student knows that introduction and conclusion of each academic paper are the most important parts. Their writing should be clear, concise, engaging, logical, and concrete. Very often, it is hard to meet all these requirements at once. Dissertation writing is not an exception. Its conclusion should cover the whole topic and findings of the research. Moreover, it should cross with dissertation introduction too. Conclusion chapter is often reread by examiners and those who will use your work as a source for their researches in the future. Consequently, it should contain no ...

  • Technology Essay

    Technology Essay

    Technological essay is similar in terms of main principles and structure to all other types of essays. However, there are certain differences and peculiarities that should be considered when writing a technology essay. First of all, technology essays require lucidity, precision, and consistency in showcasing ideas like no other type of essay.   It is better to understand the differences and peculiarities of technology essay when looking at a concrete example. Let’s imagine that your topic is “How Modern Technology Influences Society.” The goal of this essay is to ... Testimonials


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