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  • Good Points of Procrastination

    Good Points of Procrastination

    How to Avail Yourself of Procrastination Surely, everyone has delayed their assignments in their lifetime. There are lots of explanations of this phenomenon. Most often, we don't t take to the task and it is hard to fulfill it on time. There also people who enjoy working under the pressure of a deadline. Because procrastination inflicts discomfort and stress, people avoid burning deadlines and struggle to do everything on time. Besides, it has become a cliché that people who put things off are lazy and poorly organized. There is a grain of truth in this. Still, there are some good ...

  • How to Start Writing Conclusions

    How to Start Writing Conclusions

    Conclusions play an important role in the research paper since it must contain briefly and harmoniously formatted materials described in your work, your ideas, answers to questions of introduction and recommendations. This part of the paper intersects with the introduction very closely. The conclusion should contain information about the extent to which the goals and objectives of the research work have been fulfilled. All your recommendations and conclusions based on the practical part of the work must be supported by arguments. Show Your Position Read the objectives and tasks described ...

  • Who Is the Hero?

    Who Is the Hero?

    Recently, the word "hero" began to be used quite often. However, who are real heroes in the modern world? These answers were different for each epoch, corresponding to the worldview that prevailed at that time. After all, life depends on the peculiarities of time. Views on the world, thinking, and human actions reflect the social and moral attitudes prevailing in society and the character of the attitude toward evil, good, justice, nobility, and courage. For example, the hero was considered as a person who possessed enormous physical strength, nobility and was able to gain the upper hand ...

  • Application for a Nurse Practitioner Program

    Application for a Nurse Practitioner Program

    One professor has revealed the main purpose of education to me during my first year at nursing school. He said that all years of doing your utmost at college boil down to adding one simple letter “e” to human in order to make it humane. I do not know if it was meant to be a lighthearted joke to cheer up an anxious freshman, but it has affected my outlook tremendously. I went through undergraduate college with this one aim in mind and I keep trying to make my human humane today. Now after five years of rigorous work at school and two internships at hospitals, I seek to apply the ...

  • Types of Sentences in English

    Types of Sentences in English

    Academic writing requires attentiveness from authors. They must know the basic rules of grammar and be able to express their ideas correctly and consistently. Learning a language involves studying the structure of sentences and phrases. A sentence is a unit of speech that expresses a certain thought. A sentence is a more complex concept than a word. It consists of several parts (words and phrases related to themselves in meaning). There are several types of sentences in English the classification of which depends on several criteria. According to the purpose of the statement, linguists ...

  • Writing a Successful Descriptive Essay

    Writing a Successful Descriptive Essay

    How to Write a Good Descriptive Essay Writing a good descriptive essay is not as easy as it may seem. Apart from keeping in line with structural guidelines, you must make it interesting enough from the beginning, so the reader just can’t stop reading it until the very end. If you think you are not quite prepared for the job, here are some pieces of advice on writing this kind of essay. First of all, there should be a preparation stage, which means gathering materials. Keep in mind that there is no use in finding everything that relates to your topic. Too much information can be a ... Testimonials


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