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  • How to Find a Good Title for Your Paper

    How to Find a Good Title for Your Paper

    The ideal working title of your paper is a well-formulated question that guides your research. You can keep the same name in the final version of the essay. Often it is preferable to have a short title, but do not forget about the subtitle. Choose a name from which it would be clear what the work is devoted to. This option is much more preferable than the meaningless pretentious heading. Choose a Proper Theme The title of the essay is consonant with the topic of research. The choice of the topic of scientific work is extremely important. Experience shows that choosing the right subject ...

  • What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

    What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

    An annotated bibliography differs from the usual list of references by the presence of annotations, which are brief descriptions of books and articles. There are several special features and rules for the preparation of annotations. An annotation is a brief description of the publication from the point of view of its content, format, orientation, origin, etc. The annotation reveals the content of the work very briefly. It literally says what it is about. It also indicates the purpose and audience, for example, “the textbook is intended for students.” The annotation may describe ...

  • How to Start Writing Conclusions

    How to Start Writing Conclusions

    Conclusions play an important role in the research paper since it must contain briefly and harmoniously formatted materials described in your work, your ideas, answers to questions of introduction and recommendations. This part of the paper intersects with the introduction very closely. The conclusion should contain information about the extent to which the goals and objectives of the research work have been fulfilled. All your recommendations and conclusions based on the practical part of the work must be supported by arguments. Show Your Position Read the objectives and tasks described ...

  • Types of Sentences in English

    Types of Sentences in English

    Academic writing requires attentiveness from authors. They must know the basic rules of grammar and be able to express their ideas correctly and consistently. Learning a language involves studying the structure of sentences and phrases. A sentence is a unit of speech that expresses a certain thought. A sentence is a more complex concept than a word. It consists of several parts (words and phrases related to themselves in meaning). There are several types of sentences in English the classification of which depends on several criteria. According to the purpose of the statement, linguists ...

  • Journal Cover Letter Writing Tips

    Journal Cover Letter Writing Tips

    Cover letter writing is not less important than the writing of a manuscript for the journal itself. Very often, editors evaluate the quality of an article by reading a cover letter to it. As a result, this part of writing should be treated with not less attention and preciseness. The main aim of a cover letter is to make the commission or editor to forward your manuscript further for peer review. The cover letter represents a short outline of your article, as well as an explanation why it is an appropriate piece of writing for a specific journal. Remember that cover letter is a formal ...

  • Reaction Paper

    Reaction Paper

    Perhaps you have already used to writing narrative, descriptive, argumentative, or any other type of essay. However, when it comes to composing an evaluation essay, this is where the things may start to go wrong. Even though it does have a similar structure to the conventional ones, reaction paper has its own peculiarities that may become a surprise for you. Usually, when your professor asks you to prepare a reaction essay, you are about to provide your reaction to a certain thing. Moreover, in most cases this thing is another essay, article, or any piece of writing. Due to the requirements ... Testimonials


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