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  • Writing a Successful Descriptive Essay

    Writing a Successful Descriptive Essay

    How to Write a Good Descriptive Essay Writing a good descriptive essay is not as easy as it may seem. Apart from keeping in line with structural guidelines, you must make it interesting enough from the beginning, so the reader just can’t stop reading it until the very end. If you think you are not quite prepared for the job, here are some pieces of advice on writing this kind of essay. First of all, there should be a preparation stage, which means gathering materials. Keep in mind that there is no use in finding everything that relates to your topic. Too much information can be a ...

  • Dissertation Conclusion Chapter Writing

    Dissertation Conclusion Chapter Writing

    Every student knows that introduction and conclusion of each academic paper are the most important parts. Their writing should be clear, concise, engaging, logical, and concrete. Very often, it is hard to meet all these requirements at once. Dissertation writing is not an exception. Its conclusion should cover the whole topic and findings of the research. Moreover, it should cross with dissertation introduction too. Conclusion chapter is often reread by examiners and those who will use your work as a source for their researches in the future. Consequently, it should contain no ...

  • Books for Better World Perception

    Books for Better World Perception

    Everyday life is routine with almost no challenges and adventures. You wake up, do your tedious job, feed yourself and go to bed – nothing special and unique. Such pace of existence is indeed unbelievably dangerous as soon as unexpected obstacles intrude into your life, you may be surprisingly unprepared for them. Only after leaving your comfort zone and moving away from the common environment you can finally ask yourself a question – “Who am I?” Looking for Your Place under the Sun in Books This situation is quite similar for graduating students. After moving into ...

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