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  • Who Is the Hero?

    Who Is the Hero?

    Recently, the word "hero" began to be used quite often. However, who are real heroes in the modern world? These answers were different for each epoch, corresponding to the worldview that prevailed at that time. After all, life depends on the peculiarities of time. Views on the world, thinking, and human actions reflect the social and moral attitudes prevailing in society and the character of the attitude toward evil, good, justice, nobility, and courage. For example, the hero was considered as a person who possessed enormous physical strength, nobility and was able to gain the upper hand ...

  • What Are the Consequences of Steroid Use in Sports?

    What Are the Consequences of Steroid Use in Sports?

    The use of steroids has always been a controversial topic, hasn’t it? There have been numerous attempts taken by sports committees and anti-doping authorities in order to keep this situation under control. However, it was without success. Today, the use of steroids has already become a huge medical problem. The harm caused by steroid substances is being emphasized by a large number of medical and public institutions. Those who are involved in sports and those who use the steroids for therapeutic purposes are both suffering and struggling. Is It Actually Worth Using Steroids? Normally, ...

  • Cross-Cultural Marriages

    Cross-Cultural Marriages

    In 2010, the U.S. Pew Research Center conducted a research according to which 15% of newly married couples were interracial. Also, the overall percentage of cross-cultural marriages was eight percent, which is a significant growth comparing to four percent in 1986. This growth tendency does contribute to the issue of racial tolerance. Also, racial tolerance is strengthened by family related reasons, age and mass media. Family Bonds Influences Racial Tolerance As it was already stated, family related reasons as like family bonds make a great contribution into cross-cultural tolerance. 35% of ...

  • George Michael: Music Career

    George Michael: Music Career

    George Michael was a British pop icon, whose songs were, are and will be sang all over the world, and whose engaging melodies will remain global hits over decades. Such singles as Last Christmas, Careless Whisper and many others have numerously hit pop charts of different countries as well as won a great number of music awards during George Michael’s singing career. Blessed with powerful, soulful voice, good looks and talent to compose catchy songs, George Michael got to the level of a superb singer, songwriter, record producer and simply a generous person, willing to help people in ...

  • Are Computers Taking over Our Lives?

    Are Computers Taking over Our Lives?

    Computers, initially invented to simplify human lives, have performed this task with a great efficiency and, thus, our computer dependence has significantly increased basically due to the convenience it provides. Many of us cannot even imagine our lives without computers because of the simplicity of its usage. Having designed it to help us in our professional goals, the inventors could not ever foresee the extent to which computers will enter our lives. The Role of Computers in our Lives It would not be an overstatement if someone says that in modern era computers play the most important ...

  • The World's Most Beautiful Cinemas

    The World's Most Beautiful Cinemas

    If we want to break away from reality, we generally sit down before the screen of TV, computer, or our smartphone to watch a movie. Or, even better, we go to the cinema. Perhaps, there’s a reason Alfred Hitchcock said that cinema is life with all boring things cut. That’s why cinema belongs to the most amazing places in the world. Floating Archipelago Cinema, Yao Noi, Thailand Even outshone by the perfect environment, Floating Archipelago Cinema charms with its beauty. A screen is nestled among the rocks. And the audience is floating in the sea, somewhere in the middle of the ...

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