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  • The Accounting Research Papers Writing Guide

    The Accounting Research Papers Writing Guide

    Qualitative accounting research papers require much effort and much reading and analyzing various literature sources, statistics and financial accounting papers. Students are often horrified with such assignments, but knowing the structure of accounting papers, their basic principles and purpose makes them easier to complete. Accountancy teaches to manage and interpret economics figures and has close connections with economics, mathematics and other fields. As accounting itself has several sub-fields, the topics of accounting research papers depend on which sub-field one’s studies ...

  • Good Points of Procrastination

    Good Points of Procrastination

    How to Avail Yourself of Procrastination Surely, everyone has delayed their assignments in their lifetime. There are lots of explanations of this phenomenon. Most often, we don't t take to the task and it is hard to fulfill it on time. There also people who enjoy working under the pressure of a deadline. Because procrastination inflicts discomfort and stress, people avoid burning deadlines and struggle to do everything on time. Besides, it has become a cliché that people who put things off are lazy and poorly organized. There is a grain of truth in this. Still, there are some good ...

  • How to Plan a Research Design

    How to Plan a Research Design

    If you need to write a research proposal, you’ll also need to deal with one of its constituents – research design also known as a research strategy. In short, it describes your plan of conducting an investigation necessary for writing a dissertation. But before you describe your dissertation plan, you first need to create a plan for the research design itself. The best way to do it is to answer a number of questions that will already give you a clear overview of the research strategy. These questions you can find below in this article. To give you a better picture of what a ...

  • Talking about the Common Structure

    Talking about the Common Structure

    Academic writing is one of the toughest variants of research papers. Here, you are required to use formal English, stick to a certain citation style and be sure your ideas have enough supportive arguments. Even though each type of writing is unique, it is possible to learn the general structure, according to which, it will be much simpler for you to complete such tasks. Therefore, here is a specific plan, according to which you can easily compose an academic essay on any possible topic. Multi-Purpose Essay Structure Sentences As every English sentence must contain a verb, academic ...

  • Cheating Guide for Students

    Cheating Guide for Students

    Cheating has always been and still is one of the most serious academic offenses. If found guilty of cheating, students are very likely to face some major penalties. Nevertheless, cheating is quite a widespread occurrence. Some students choose to cheat simply because of laziness, while others have to resort to cheating because they don’t have enough time for studying. Some students have to work a lot because they need to provide for themselves; some of them face certain personal problems which distract them from studying. Regardless of what exactly motivates you to cheat, this article is ...

  • How to Be Able to Read Art Painting

    How to Be Able to Read Art Painting

    If you consider the understanding of modern art as a hard task, you will find the following article useful because we will provide you with a few effective secrets how to be a professional art critic. In particular, we will explain why people appreciate art objects as well teach you how to understand the artists` ideas. Indeed, making sense of what you see is not that difficult as the contemporary art is full of metaphorical images. However, to be able to understand art objects, one should understand what the art is. What Is Art? Art is the special sphere of human activity, which helps both ... Testimonials


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