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  • Expository Essay Example: Qualities of a Good Friend

    Expository Essay Example: Qualities of a Good Friend

    The relationship between two people involves responsibility, certain rules, laws, and obligations. Sincere, true friendship is based on disinterested love and support. Friendship is a relationship that is developed on complete trust. It is always nice to have a person who will support and help you at any moment. Such complex harmony is achieved after many years of acquaintance, checking for responsiveness, and helping each other in different cases and situations. This is a sincere, true friendship. Who Is a True Friend? It is known that the strongest friendships arise in childhood and ...

  • Epos as a Kind of Literature

    Epos as a Kind of Literature

    Epos is a kind of literature (along with lyrics and drama), a narration about the events assumed in the past (as if accomplished and recalled by the narrator). According to Aristotle's Poetics, the author is impartial and objective at the moment of narration. The emergence of the epic literature is phased in nature due to historical circumstances. The origin of the epos is usually accompanied by the addition of panegyrics and weeping, close to the heroic worldview. The great acts perpetuated in them are often the material that heroic poets put at the basis of their narrative. Epic ...

  • How to Write Descriptive Essay on My Favorite Food

    How to Write Descriptive Essay on My Favorite Food

    Writing an essay on a topic that excites you, makes you reminisce about some pleasant moments of your life or discussing in your essay issues you’re pretty experienced in and have enough background knowledge, is the best assignment you could have ever received from your professor. Descriptive essays on your favorite food don’t usually scare students to death in comparison with, for example, writing compare and contrast or persuasive essays as the food issue, in any way, concerns each of us. However, to create an outstanding essay, it isn’t enough to only like your topic ...

  • Technology Essay

    Technology Essay

    Technological essay is similar in terms of main principles and structure to all other types of essays. However, there are certain differences and peculiarities that should be considered when writing a technology essay. First of all, technology essays require lucidity, precision, and consistency in showcasing ideas like no other type of essay.   It is better to understand the differences and peculiarities of technology essay when looking at a concrete example. Let’s imagine that your topic is “How Modern Technology Influences Society.” The goal of this essay is to ...

  • Scarcity as the Fundamental Issue in Economics

    Scarcity as the Fundamental Issue in Economics

    What ideas and images does the word “scarcity” bring in your mind? Overall, when we are talking about scarcity, we denote the lack of some resources and the unavailability of specific goods or services. When analyzing the notion of “scarcity” from the perspective of society and social institutions, we may talk about scarcity of natural or economic resources among others. In case there is a scarcity of something, people need to mobilize their efforts and admit their personal responsibilities for the potential societal changes and improvements. The Economic Sphere and ...

  • Best Cafes for Students in the United States

    Best Cafes for Students in the United States

    If you are a student, you will probably like students’ cafes – places, where you can have something to eat, rest, and chat with your friends. Actually, such cafes play an integral role in students’ lives as they help students get to know each other in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Besides, eating a meal together allows uniting people: when people have a meal together, they try to feel more comfortable and it becomes much easier to start talking to one another. Top Students’ Cafes in the USA Spider House Texas University students use this great opportunity to enjoy ... Testimonials


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