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  • Expository Essay Example: Qualities of a Good Friend

    Expository Essay Example: Qualities of a Good Friend

    The relationship between two people involves responsibility, certain rules, laws, and obligations. Sincere, true friendship is based on disinterested love and support. Friendship is a relationship that is developed on complete trust. It is always nice to have a person who will support and help you at any moment. Such complex harmony is achieved after many years of acquaintance, checking for responsiveness, and helping each other in different cases and situations. This is a sincere, true friendship. Who Is a True Friend? It is known that the strongest friendships arise in childhood and ...

  • The Accounting Research Papers Writing Guide

    The Accounting Research Papers Writing Guide

    Qualitative accounting research papers require much effort and much reading and analyzing various literature sources, statistics and financial accounting papers. Students are often horrified with such assignments, but knowing the structure of accounting papers, their basic principles and purpose makes them easier to complete. Accountancy teaches to manage and interpret economics figures and has close connections with economics, mathematics and other fields. As accounting itself has several sub-fields, the topics of accounting research papers depend on which sub-field one’s studies ...

  • How to Find a Good Title for Your Paper

    How to Find a Good Title for Your Paper

    The ideal working title of your paper is a well-formulated question that guides your research. You can keep the same name in the final version of the essay. Often it is preferable to have a short title, but do not forget about the subtitle. Choose a name from which it would be clear what the work is devoted to. This option is much more preferable than the meaningless pretentious heading. Choose a Proper Theme The title of the essay is consonant with the topic of research. The choice of the topic of scientific work is extremely important. Experience shows that choosing the right subject ...

  • Epos as a Kind of Literature

    Epos as a Kind of Literature

    Epos is a kind of literature (along with lyrics and drama), a narration about the events assumed in the past (as if accomplished and recalled by the narrator). According to Aristotle's Poetics, the author is impartial and objective at the moment of narration. The emergence of the epic literature is phased in nature due to historical circumstances. The origin of the epos is usually accompanied by the addition of panegyrics and weeping, close to the heroic worldview. The great acts perpetuated in them are often the material that heroic poets put at the basis of their narrative. Epic ...

  • How to Become Happier

    How to Become Happier

    Many people tend to believe that happiness always eludes us. People may chase after happiness for their entire lives and still think that they will not achieve it. Happiness is difficult to interpret and define. However, according to scientists, there are some things that can indeed boost our happiness. Sport is one of the best ways to become happier. Seven minutes daily may suffice to become way happier. Not only does sport remove depression but it also helps us to improve our intellectual capacities, relax, and keep fit. What is more, a consistent sleep may also contribute to our ...

  • What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

    What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

    An annotated bibliography differs from the usual list of references by the presence of annotations, which are brief descriptions of books and articles. There are several special features and rules for the preparation of annotations. An annotation is a brief description of the publication from the point of view of its content, format, orientation, origin, etc. The annotation reveals the content of the work very briefly. It literally says what it is about. It also indicates the purpose and audience, for example, “the textbook is intended for students.” The annotation may describe ... Testimonials


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