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Submitting a Refund Application

As our customer, you are welcome to use our refund option, which is available for up to two weeks following the expiry of an order’s deadline. These time constraints are not enforced for complaints about plagiarism. However, customers are expected to produce a reliable report to prove our writing service (or a particular writer) is responsible for the plagiarism.

Important Note: Some plagiarism systems considered reliable are Turnitin, WriteCheck and iThenticate, which are three sister websites. SafeAssign.com is not considered trustworthy since the reports from this system do not distinguish between genuine and non-genuine instances of plagiarism. Hand-produced notes are also not considered to be concrete proof.         

  1. Cases of plagiarism in your part of a continuation assignment cannot be blamed on our writing service. We only run originality tests on those portions handled by our writers.
  2. If you are not completely happy with your order, your dissatisfaction will be examined by our Refunds Team and a report will be generated within 3-4 business days. In the case of valid claims, we will refund you partially or fully.


  1. We provide revisions (free) for up to two days after the expiry of a deadline. An additional order to compensate your writer will be necessary after this period. A refund cannot be considered at a future date if our writer completes your revisions for no extra payment.
  2. With bulkier papers, e.g., those with 20 pages or over, you may apply for free revisions for up to thirty days after the expiry of the deadline.
  3. Our free revision service does not apply when the original specification is altered. If all necessary materials are not forthcoming until a project is underway or complete, it is likely additional compensation will be needed.
  4. In choosing our free revision service, you should set a new completion date when describing the revisions you require. Due to the complex nature of some requirements or if we cannot reassign an order, revisions may take up to a day (24 hours) to turnaround. However, we always strive to complete revisions by deadline.
  5. We recommend that customers regularly check for possible messages from our administration staff and/or writers. These will be sent by email or posted to your profile page on our company’s website. It occasionally happens that customers do not upload all required materials when placing an order. It remains, however, your responsibility to provide detailed instructions and all necessary materials as soon as possible or when asked to do so.
  6. There is an “Extended Revision” option for a client to choose when the order is placed, for the 30% of the initial order price. This allows deadline extension for a free revision up to 14 days. Yet, initiating a revision should be in strict accordance with the original instructions. Please note that additional fee for “Extended Revision” is not reimbursed if a customer does not submit a revision request.

A Full Refund

  1. Customers may apply for full refunds (100%) if they are charged twice by our company or they mistakenly submit the same order in duplicate form. Our support service will cancel any order that is not required.
  2. Customers may apply for full refunds (100%) if we do not find them a writer.
  3.  Once a full refund (100%) has been issued, the customer should refrain from using any previously provided materials.

A Partial Refund

  1. Customers may apply for a partial refund if they did not choose the correct number of pages during the ordering process.
  2.  Our company may offer a reduced refund if you do not select the most appropriate writing/educational level.
  3. Our writing service may decide on a reduced refund amount if the provided instructions are in any way contradictory.  
  4. Cancellations (after orders are allocated to our writers): 

Refund percentage

Passed deadline (approximately)


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline

* It is not possible to cancel orders when there is still 30 percent left of the initial deadline and a writer is allocated. Neither can we accommodate cancellations when an order is already completed (and perhaps uploaded).   

Late Verification

  1. When a customer receives requests from our Finance staff to verify or provide proof of their identity (to help counteract fraud on the Internet) and they are slow to comply, the deadline clock will commence ticking as soon as the appropriate documentation is provided. If lateness is an issue, the customer can apply to have their deadline extended or they can submit an additional (urgent) compensatory order.   

Word Count Issues

  1. The number of pages in an assignment is calculated according to the actual word count and on the premise that each page contains 300 words. This rule, however, is not suited to technical texts where there is a lot of numerical data. Prices are, therefore, fixed on the basis of complexity.   
  2. Presentations (e.g., PowerPoint assignments). Our writers can provide you with up to 100-150 words of speaker notes for each of your .ppt slides.   
  3. The cost of online tests (including multiple-choice test questions) is calculated on the assumption that there are five questions to a page. Consequently, a forty-question assignment would require you to submit an eight-page order.


  1. It is possible you will be asked to compensate our writer if you want an assignment early. If your assigned writer agrees to provide your paper earlier at no extra cost, we will not be able to consider a refund later on.
  2. If we are late delivering your order and have not agreed an extension to the deadline beforehand, we will at least refund you in part.

Order Type

  1. We ask that you are careful about choosing the correct paper type when ordering, e.g., please remember to select “Essay” or “Report,” etc.  We cannot consider refunds for services that have not yet been paid for.
  2. ‘Rewriting’ involves wording a text in a different way or paraphrasing it. We will only request additional compensation if you ask us to do some more research, write new content, alter sources or do something that bears close resemblance to “from scratch” writing.
  3. Every customer is urged to check if we have sent them messages (by email or to their account). Prompt responses are important, and especially so if you need to agree a topic idea. 


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