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Malcolm Gladwell’s Speech on Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce

Malcom Gladwell delivered a very informative speech on what should be considered when making sauce. He did so by drawing examples from many practices in the food sciences and research world. This essay discusses his method of delivery, eye contact, audience adaptation and interaction, the general construction of the speech and lessons learnt from the speech. The introduction of Malcom Gladwell’s speech was not very vivid. It did not have the strength and vigor that was seen later in the speech. However, the body of the speech was very well crafted; it was based on flow of explanation from one idea to another. In the same way, it will be shown that the conclusion was great.

Gladwell’s method of delivery appears to have aided his presentation. The delivery was characterized with excellent use of space as well as variation of voice in terms of tone and highness. His overall method of delivery was also aided by his eye contact abilities and the way he interacted with his audience. In order to interact with his audience, he uses questions and also a vivid explanation that was filled with confidence. Gladwell’s eye contact was also in tandem with his use of space; he looked at all sides of the hall because he was moving from one end of the podium to the other. In the long run, his rapport with audience was excellent. The conclusion of the speech was very strong because Gladwell mentioned the main point that the secret towards true happiness is by embracing human diversity in terms of taste.

Finally, the construction of the speech was generally well thought out. Although the introduction was not very vivid, the speaker built the speech very fast through eye contact, voice variation and use of space. I have learnt that for my speech to be great, I should engage my audience fully; however, I should not adopt weak introduction remarks.

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