6 Thing to Do Before a Timed Writing Exam

6 Thing to Do Before a Timed Writing Exam Timed exams present their own challenges, especially if a student is required to write an essay. It is very hard for some people to articulate their ideas when they are under pressure. There is no special secret of how to succeed. All you need to do is to keep a cool head and prepare in advance. Here are six tips that will help you to get the correct state of mind to ace you timed writing exam.

Reduce Your Stress Level

Don’t get me wrong – a little bit of stress is good for you. It helps you to focus and gather your strength. However, some people have problems dealing with the anxiety that standardized tests cause. According to several studies, anxiety can dramatically reduce brain functions to the point when you cannot even understand the prompt and put words together to create an essay. In this case. You should research some relaxation techniques and choose a couple of them that would work for you. Use this piece of advice before attempting anything else. Continue reading

Effective Study Tips for Those Who Care About Finals

Effective Study Tips for Those Who Care About Finals Finals week is the most stressful period in college. When you ask an ordinary student how he/she feels during examination period, they will most likely tell you they are terrified. What makes them so scared? In most cases, young people are afraid to fail the tests and face negative consequences of not preparing well before exams. Is it possible to overcome stress and feel confident about your strength during finals? Of course! All you need to do is to follow these study tips carefully.

Essential Steps to Effective Exam Preparation

Find a Study Partner

Everyone is stressed during the finals week, so it will be easy to find a person who feels as terrified as you and learn study material together. Start searching for a study buddy among your classmates. Ask the student about the possibility to prepare before the test together in person or via social networks. Studying together is really beneficial for both study partners. You will have an opportunity to quiz each other and solve study problems together. Continue reading

Tips for Those Who Are Entering the Workplace

Tips for Those Who Are Entering the Workplace When you are starting your career path, your first job might seem scary. Undoubtedly, you have the required skills, and you know how to do your work. However, you need a lot more than just being able to fulfill your work. Here are a few tips that are suitable for anyone who takes their first job.

Even though different people work in different places, we all meet some general demands and challenges at a new job. Regardless of your experience, you will probably start your new job at the bottom of the career hierarchy. Believe it or not, the process of fitting yourself into the company culture is apparently the hardest stage. However, you should keep your expectations in check.

Agree with Your Newbie Status

Unfortunately, you have low chances that you will be given real responsibilities straight away. At first, you have to show off your work ethic even if you are doing tasks that do not bring any job satisfaction. Continue reading

How to Study for Tests

How to Study for Tests I know that feeling. When you come back from a summer break and you feel as if you completely forgot how to study. However, as weeks pass by, you get used to the routine and slowly recollect what studying means.

What I found most dissatisfying is that teachers usually give tests and homework during the first week of classes. That’s unfair and plainly silly! I wish there were a rule banning these dubious practices to let students transit into the academic process more smoothly.

Because I understand that my wishes are just mere dreams, I’d like present my study tips to become a good test taker and reduce your fears of the impending doom…I mean impeding tests.

Take Notes during Classes

No matter the subject, if you take notes, it increases your chances of succeeding greatly. If you consistently take notes containing the most important things that your professor says and then systematically reread it, you will be ready to face any test at any given time. Sometimes professors stress that the information they’re about to tell will be included into tests. Taking notes of this info is an absolute must! Continue reading

4 Study Tricks for People with Type B Personality

4 Study Tricks for People with Type B Personality It’s easy to presume that the only people who can be achievers are Type A personalities with their persistence and the never-ending need to do something. However, being a Type B person does not mean you cannot be successful. Here are several tips on how to study better for people who are more relaxed.

Plan Your Study Sessions in Advance

The way I see it, the more time you spend preparing, the less time you’ll have to worry. Remember that writing tasks down properly now will save you time and nerves later on. It also provides you with the flexibility to learn whenever you actually feel like it and go to as many social gatherings as you like. Continue reading

Is It Possible to Travel Forever?

Tools to Help You Travel Forever If you have decided to start travelling for a long period of time, you should plan every single detail ahead. Otherwise, you might end up in the middle of nowhere with no money left. Undoubtedly, hotels are expensive and rental accommodations are impractical in every city you visit. However, hostels are a reasonable option since they are cheaper. Besides, hostels are a wonderful place to meet other travelers. What are other options except for the hostels? Here are some of the most useful ones.

Caretaker’s Gazette

This service provides you with an access to a classified system of people, who look for caretakers. In exchange, caretakers can enjoy rent-free living. The opportunities vary in scope from campground hosting to organic farm workers, ranch hands to nursing for the elderly, motel management to just house sitting. There are both paying opportunities and work-trade agreements for accommodation. Continue reading

Are Computers Taking over our Lives?

The Role of Computers Computers, initially invented to simplify human lives, have performed this task with a great efficiency and, thus, our computer dependence has significantly increased basically due to the convenience it provides. Many of us cannot even imagine our lives without computers because of the simplicity of its usage. Having designed it to help us in our professional goals, the inventors could not ever foresee the extent to which computers will enter our lives.

The Role of Computers in our Lives

It would not be an overstatement if someone says that in modern era computers play the most important role in our lives. The day when a computer does not work, many people’s lives stand still. If you take some time to think, you can easily realize that about 70% of every person’s daily routine involves using computers and non-availability of these devices creates a real chaos. Just remember some case when a supermarket computer crashes and leads to long queues, nervous consumers and cashier, and complete chaos. Continue reading