Job Seeking Tips for International Students

Job Seeking Tips for International Students Are you an international student who needs a job? Read our tips to learn how to quickly find a good job!

1. Don’t include your visa status in your resume. Listing this information won’t be your advantage. Your recruiter will understand that you’re an international student looking at your educational background and previous work experience. If required, they will ask you questions about your status during the interview. In case you have a green card or US citizenship but your name seems to be foreign, include this information in your resume to show that you have a legal status. Continue reading

How to Come Up with Proper Essay Topics on Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad?

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad If you get the assignment to write an essay on the literary text of your own choice, I must say that Heart of Darkness is an excellent option. The text is loved by many readers and is easy to read. Besides, it has been studied by many researchers in the field of literature. Despite all these facts, it might still be rather hard for you to formulate a strong topic to write your essay on. Heart of Darkness touches on numerous problems and issues, so you should think hard before selecting a direction of developing your essay. Keep in mind that you should focus on the original idea as it is very important to provide your own viewpoint on the chosen topic. Continue reading

The Best Tips on Writing a Reflection Paper

Tips on Writing a Reflection Paper This article was prepared for you by one of the writers from, an expert who specializes in academic writing.

Louise Ammentorp, a Ph.D. candidate in Developmental Psychology, gained a B.A. in Psychology and Art History at Rutgers University. Her current thesis is dedicated to linguistic meditation and the way children perceive conflicts. Here, you will find her most recent works, so follow the updates.

In high school or college, you will inevitably be required to write a reflection paper, probably, more than once. However, not everyone is familiar with this type of papers. Writing is quite a challenging process on its own, and the task becomes more complicated if you do not understand what it is that you have to write. Continue reading

Where Can You Buy College Essays?

Buy College Essays All students are always busy with plenty of paperwork during their college years. Sometimes the amount of college papers is impossible to be done in terms. Therefore, students deal with deadlines, stress, lack of sleep, etc. However, with our services, there are no reasons to worry anymore. What do we offer?

1. Professional writing aid.

Our highly qualified team of writers will help you with any type of writing. We can help you with college essays, college term papers, and other types of writing. You simply need to contact us, and you will get your paper done in time. Continue reading

My Perfect Wife

My Ideal Wife It is vital to have somebody you can always rely on. I would like my wife to be this person. I want her to be tightly connected with my life. I would wake her up with a tender kiss. The first thing I would see every day would be her smile. We would make and have breakfast together. We would call one another several times a day. In the evening we would have dinner together, and fall asleep in hugs. Here are main qualities that the girl should have to become my wife.

We Should Be Friends and Partners

First of all, my ideal wife has to be my best friend. We should have an opportunity to share all our troubles, sorrows and dreams with each other. My wife would never let me down. Besides, I want her to be my partner. We would have everything common: kids, house, money and, what is not least, our duties. We would make all the important decisions together. Continue reading

Getting Prepared for a “Who Am I” Essay

Who Am I Essay Outline For some students it may seem difficult to plan a “Who Am I” essay, making them feel confused and sometimes even embarrassed. While ordinary essays are quite easy to prepare, the special topics, like this, may create a few problems due to the lack of appropriate skills and the adequacy of the essay. Here is an example of the outline to the following essay.

Creating a decent outline

Thinking about the introduction

As it is clear from the title, a “Who Am I” essay must include autobiographical inserts, which make the structure so specific. It is important to remember that the outline makes it easier to gather the ideas, focus on the subject, and design an appropriate structure. As soon as you come up with the ideas, it will not be challenging at all to compose the entire essay, which can easily be comprehended by your readers. Continue reading

Symbolism in “Miss Brill” Written by Katherine Mansfield: Example of an Essay

Symbolism There are not many vivid symbols in the story of Katherine Mansfield “Miss Brill”. The most significant of them belong to Miss Brill’s daily routine.

The Bench

The park bench is one of the few places where Miss Brill spends her time. The reason why she does so is not merely to breathe in some fresh air and drink in nature. She is full of hopes that someone will come to her and will start a conversation with her. However, it never happens, and she is in a bit of despair as she is looking forward to communicating with someone. Thus, the bench symbolizes hope that something Miss Brill wants so eagerly will happen. At the same time, Miss Brill does not regard the bench to be a sign of despair or disappointment (personally for her). Benches in the park are also popular among some elderly people, whom Miss Brills regards to come from dark places. Continue reading

How to Write a Generic Essay

Generic Essay The essays that have a basic set structure and can be adapted to meet the requirements of any assignment in a certain field are called generic. You can apply this kind of an essay to any situation, whether it is at school, college, or work. This article will introduce you to the ultimate format of a generic essay and will teach you how to put it in use for writing a successful essay in any sphere of studies.


To begin with, you need to be familiar with the stages of writing a generic essay. They are the following:
1) grasping the general topic and conducting a prior research if you feel like you don’t have enough material to cover everything;
2) writing an outline and creating the skeleton of your essay;
3) producing the text;
4) editing;
5) proofreading and final touches.
Continue reading

Persuasive essay: Video Games and Their Harmful Effects

Persuasive Essay The contemporary children spend much time playing video games. Usually, adolescents chose them because these games help them to hide in the online world and forget about the problems. These games cause many positive emotions and excitement. Thus, although children consider this hobby as the best way to spend their time, the recent studies prove that there are many reasons why children should not spend too much their time playing the video games. The most common arguments against playing the video games are:

- People who cannot imagine their lives without the video games and find it difficult to socialize;
- The games can bring harm to human health;
- The enormous amount of time spent on video games can lead to addiction which would spoil the academic results.

Continue reading

The World’s Most Beautiful Cinemas

The World’s Most Beautiful Cinemas If we want to break away from reality, we generally sit down before the screen of TV, computer, or our smartphone to watch a movie. Or, even better, we go to the cinema. Perhaps, there’s a reason Alfred Hitchcock said that cinema is life with all boring things cut. That’s why cinema belongs to the most amazing places in the world.

Floating Archipelago Cinema, Yao Noi, Thailand

Even outshone by the perfect environment, Floating Archipelago Cinema charms with its beauty. A screen is nestled among the rocks. And the audience is floating in the sea, somewhere in the middle of the fascinating and breathtaking space of the lagoon of Nai Pi Lae, emphasized the moving images across the water. Each year you have a chance to visit the Film on the Rocks festival in this little piece of heaven, right here on the Earth. Continue reading

Dark Side of Abortion

Dark Side of Abortion Abortion is an unpleasant procedure that can have dire consequences. It involves the removal of the fetus from the uterus of a woman. This choice made by women can become regrettable. Of course, in certain situations, it may seem that making an abortion is the right choice, but as time passes, the mother and the father of the unborn child may realize that they made a mistake. However, this realization can’t change anything because it’s too late to make a change. Abortion affects individuals, families and society in many ways. Continue reading

How to Write an Outstanding College Application Essay?

College Application Essay When summer comes to the end, many high school graduates are overwhelmed with the thoughts about which colleges to apply and where to continue education in autumn.

On the other hand, becoming a freshman is not only about test scores and good grades. Many colleges require applicants to submit a personal statement or an essay that helps the admission committee to paint the picture of the student’s life in general, his/her accomplishments, convictions, and interests.

If you want to shine in the eyes of college admission committee, you should take enough time and prepare well to writing a brilliant application essay. These tips were elaborated by admission officers who know exactly how an outstanding personal statement looks like. Use these pieces of advice and showcase your best self when writing your first application essay. Continue reading