Tips to Avoid Common Writing Mistakes

Common Writing Mistakes Most students don’t like writing essays. But since writing is the most common assignment at college, none of the students can avoid doing it. So even if you dread having to write your next essay, you will still have to do it anyway. Wouldn’t it be better to learn to enjoy the process instead of complaining about how much you dislike it? It’s not as hard as you think. If you learn to avoid common mistakes, your attitude to writing will change drastically.

Here is something you should know about writing. If you learn to do it, your life at college will become much easier. Learn the techniques of good writing and practice them in your assignments. Use them to your advantage. But first of all, learn what mistakes you need to avoid in your writing. Here are the most common ones (most likely, you make some of them, too):
  • Writing long sentences. When your sentences are too long, they confuse the readers and prevent them from understanding your point. Even if you are writing about something interesting, the reader can be uninterested in it because of these long sentences. So if you have a habit of writing long sentences, get rid of it. Or, at least eliminate all of them when you are proofreading your essay. Reread the long sentences to understand the best way to fix them: to omit the excess information or to divide a sentence into two or three shorter ones. Sooner or later, you will develop a habit of writing short sentences from the beginning and will not have to rewrite them all the time.

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What Are the Consequences of Steroid Use in Sports?

Steroid Use in Sports The use of steroids has always been a controversial topic, hasn’t it? There have been numerous attempts taken by sports committees and anti-doping authorities in order to keep this situation under control. However, it was without success. Today, the use of steroids has already become a huge medical problem. The harm caused by steroid substances is being emphasized by a large number of medical and public institutions. Those who are involved in sports and those who use the steroids for therapeutic purposes are both suffering and struggling.

Is It Actually Worth Using Steroids?

Normally, every sportsman is entitled to decide whether to use the steroid substances or not. Additionally, the personal doctor should be aware of this choice. Otherwise, a sportsman might end up being dead due to the overdose. Despite the fact that the consequences aren’t always lethal, a sportsman sacrifices his well-being and risks to have a number of illnesses in the nearest future. Secondary effects include acne, infringements of the liver, insomnia, loss of hair on the head, increased appetite, aggression, etc. Continue reading

How to Be Able to Read Art Painting

Art Painting If you consider the understanding of modern art as a hard task, you will find the following article useful because we will provide you with a few effective secrets how to be a professional art critic. In particular, we will explain why people appreciate art objects as well teach you how to understand the artists` ideas. Indeed, making sense of what you see is not that difficult as the contemporary art is full of metaphorical images. However, to be able to understand art objects, one should understand what the art is.

What Is Art?

Art is the special sphere of human activity, which helps both the artists and the people enjoying their work to forget about the everyday problems and dive into the ocean of imagination and fantasy. Art has always been the way of treating the surrounding world and expressing inner human energy. Even many centuries ago, the famous kings, queens, and other important people wanted to get closer to the human talent. The scientists prove that art is one of the best therapies since it brings a long awaited relieve for people. For many individuals, painting, playing some musical instruments, sculpting, etc. is a perfect way to escape from problems. Overall, art is considered as the best medicine for those who suffer from mental disorders. Continue reading

How to Travel Europe on Budget

Travel Europe on Budget Traveling to Europe is a dream and a nightmare of every student. On the one hand, there are marvelous castles, beautiful landscapes, and magic atmosphere. On the other hand, there are expenses, expenses, and expenses. How to find the middle between luxurious vacation and student budget? Today, we will share with you tips how to reduce your expenses on your trip to Europe.

Budget Tips for Young Travelers

  • Make a plan in advance
  • This tip goes well with any kind of a trip, but it is vital in Europe. Even if you’re going to see one country or one city, it still has too many destinations to visit during one day. That’s why you need to do a research to make a plan of your trip. Find out ticket prices, commuting lines, special offers in advance. Preparation will help you to avoid the rush and extra expenses.

  • Blend with local people
  • Tourist traps, pickpockets, and other dangers are waiting for you there. That’s why you should do your best to not look like a tourist. Make sure you don’t put your phone, money, or documents into your pockets. Keep them safe. Bonus tip: don’t look on your map in the street. Find some café or supermarket to do that.

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4 Reasons Why Each of Your Job Applications Go on Failing

Job Applications Before each person finds his/her dream job, he/she should go through a great number of job interviews. However, sometimes you won’t be able to reach that step because your job application will be rejected. If this happens consistently, it might be a sign that you’re making some serious mistakes in your application, and they prevent you from moving forward. Read these tips on how to write a perfect applications and what mistakes to look out for.

You Don’t a Necessary Qualification

One of the commonest mistakes that today’s college graduates make is applying for the job they are not qualified for. In most cases, we’d be talking about being underqualified and lacking certain experience and skills, but the opposite can also happen, and you might be considered overqualified. Although the latter doesn’t seem to have a negative connotation, it might also become a reason for your application to be turned down.

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Books for Better World Perception

Books for Better World Perception Everyday life is routine with almost no challenges and adventures. You wake up, do your tedious job, feed yourself and go to bed – nothing special and unique. Such pace of existence is indeed unbelievably dangerous as soon as unexpected obstacles intrude into your life, you may be surprisingly unprepared for them. Only after leaving your comfort zone and moving away from the common environment you can finally ask yourself a question – “Who am I?”

Looking for Your Place under the Sun in Books

This situation is quite similar for graduating students. After moving into another environment, what you may feel at first is cultural shock and without proper preparation, there may be certain problems with accustoming. Here, it is recommended to resort not to your friends for a helpful piece of advice but rather read professional literature from real experts in this question. Luckily, there are several books that will help you go through this period and accustom well to a new environment and perhaps answer the eternal question of the life. Continue reading

Creating a Decent Baseball Essay

Decent Baseball Essay title= It is impossible to imagine American culture without three things: the Statue of Liberty, baseball and McDonalds. Since the first game took place in New Jersey, this incredible activity took hearts of every second American since its establishment. The many generations have been playing baseball everywhere. Moreover, it shares the first place with American football as the most viewed sport on screen. Apart from that, people who are not into sports must have dealt with baseball in their lives. For example, college students happened to write an essay devoted to the most popular kind of sport in the USA.

Helpful Tips For Writing a Baseball Essay

Create a Plan

As soon as you have received the task to make an essay for this topic, be sure you think of an exact plan. If you organize the writing process according to a strict schedule, you will definitely receive such a desirable result. Firstly, you should determine the urgency of the essay – if you need it for tomorrow, then just a quick outline is alright. However, once you have a few weeks, you should definitely create a thorough plan that would include the number of words, the exact date of deadline, draft deadline, main requirements from professor’s side, and other necessary details. Surely, hardly anybody will try so hard month ahead of handing in his/her writing. However, in order to avoid deadline issues, you are more than advised to stick to a schedule. During your preparation, always check the relevance of the information and ignore the one that you consider unnecessary as you have to manage to put your thought into the certain number of words. Continue reading