10 Apps You That Will Earn You Extra Money

10 Apps You That Will Earn You Extra Money


You can use this application to get an additional income by making photos. A cool thing about Foap is that you can charge any price for your photos, which means that your earning potential is limitless. Mind that you have to make unique quality photos in order to set high prices for them. A lot of people are looking for interesting photos and creative ideas, so you may be surprised by how many people would like to buy the photo of your cat in a pirate costume.


This app allows you to earn money by selling old books. Just scan each barcode with the help of your smartphone and this app will show you 20-25 price options from different book buy-back companies. When you find the best option, you should fill some information and then send the books to the buy-back companies.


Complete quick jobs and get paid! Browse the list of jobs, see additional details and if you can complete the job on time, accept it. When you choose a job, you have two hours to complete it. Just make sure that you can make it before you press “accept.” Continue reading

Detailed Explanation of Why and How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Why and How to Write a Persuasive Essay It won’t sound as the exaggeration if to say that people practice persuading others on a daily basis. Whether you try to convince parents to buy you an iphone 7, a friend to join a party, or a salesman to knock a few dollars off the price, you use various kinds of persuasive language to achieve your aim.

Reasons to Learn How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Firstly, let’s examine the main reasons of why it is important to know how to write persuasive essays correctly. Apart from it is one of the tasks your teacher gives you to complete, it is a unique opportunity to learn to persuade effectively. Writing a persuasive essay is not only the classroom exercise, but an integral part of advertising sphere and your daily grind as well.
Marketers and copywriters use the three key elements of persuasion, which are identifying the target audience, stating the action (what the audience is supposed to do), and stating the benefit to the target audience in order to entice the potential customer. Continue reading

Argumentative Essay Examples and Tips

Argumentative Essay Examples and Tips Essays are a big part of the educational process. If you don’t know how to write them, then you have two options. The first one is to keep reading articles like this and become a real master of writing essays, and the second option is to do nothing and receive bad grades. Evidently, the first option is more preferable, and you should continue reading this article if you want to get better at writing argumentative essays. First of all it should be mentioned that argumentative essays are sometimes called persuasive essays. However, there are differences between these types of the essays and they shouldn’t be considered the same. Persuasive essays are short, tend to focus more on the emotions of the reader, and in most cases discuss your point of view. Argumentative essays are longer, give more attention to the opposing side, and tend to focus more on the facts, rather than on the emotions. Continue reading

Best First Hand Advice on Writing

Best Advice on Writing We’ve decided to conduct a survey concerning writing tips that experienced writers can share with the beginners or any writer who suffers from the writer’s block. The point is that there is nothing shameful in looking for sources of inspiration regardless of your writing status or previous experience. So, here you are with the best pieces of advice on writing assistance.

Stop Thinking – Start Doing

It goes without saying that before you start writing any story, you need to spend some time thinking, reminiscing, or even evaluating some information and events. However, do not waste too much time on procrastinating the writing process. The story begins as soon as you place a dot on paper. Continue reading

11 Best Writing Tips Ever

The 11 Best Writing Tips You’ll Ever Read I bet that without these 11 amazing writing tips, editors will claim that your essay is not good. So, here they are. Use them wisely:

1. Be an Advanced Reader

Reading improves the level of your perception, so you can write about more complicated things in a better manner. So, use the books as a food for your brain to write as a professional.

2. Proofread it Before Send it

Proofreading may reveal a lot of mistakes. Do it every time you’re about to send your essay.

3. Redact it and then Send it

Spend an extra minute and get rid of all red underlines in your essay. Continue reading

Job Seeking Tips for International Students

Job Seeking Tips for International Students Are you an international student who needs a job? Read our tips to learn how to quickly find a good job!

1. Don’t Include Your Visa Status in Your Resume. Listing this information won’t be your advantage. Your recruiter will understand that you’re an international student looking at your educational background and previous work experience. If required, they will ask you questions about your status during the interview. In case you have a green card or US citizenship but your name seems to be foreign, include this information in your resume to show that you have a legal status. Continue reading

How to Come Up with Proper Essay Topics on Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad?

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad If you get the assignment to write an essay on the literary text of your own choice, I must say that Heart of Darkness is an excellent option. The text is loved by many readers and is easy to read. Besides, it has been studied by many researchers in the field of literature. Despite all these facts, it might still be rather hard for you to formulate a strong topic to write your essay on. Heart of Darkness touches on numerous problems and issues, so you should think hard before selecting a direction of developing your essay. Keep in mind that you should focus on the original idea as it is very important to provide your own viewpoint on the chosen topic. Continue reading