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  • Scarcity as the Fundamental Issue in Economics

    Scarcity as the Fundamental Issue in Economics

    What ideas and images does the word “scarcity” bring in your mind? Overall, when we are talking about scarcity, we denote the lack of some resources and the unavailability of specific goods or services. When analyzing the notion of “scarcity” from the perspective of society and social institutions, we may talk about scarcity of natural or economic resources among others. In case there is a scarcity of something, people need to mobilize their efforts and admit their personal responsibilities for the potential societal changes and improvements. The Economic Sphere and ...

  • How Reading Assists in Writing Academic Papers of Any Complexity

    How Reading Assists in Writing Academic Papers of Any Complexity

    It might seem to you first that reading and writing are totally different niches of language acquisition and comprehension. However, they are more related to each other than you have ever thought. Reading and writing serve as a supporting base for each other and they should definitely be given ample amount of attention when striving for academic writing success. If you have set a goal to improve your writing, the very first you should think of is to read a lot (yes, you have read it properly). Reading provides you with more ideas on how to structure, organize, and develop ideas. Besides, ...

  • Cheating Guide for Students

    Cheating Guide for Students

    Cheating has always been and still is one of the most serious academic offenses. If found guilty of cheating, students are very likely to face some major penalties. Nevertheless, cheating is quite a widespread occurrence. Some students choose to cheat simply because of laziness, while others have to resort to cheating because they don’t have enough time for studying. Some students have to work a lot because they need to provide for themselves; some of them face certain personal problems which distract them from studying. Regardless of what exactly motivates you to cheat, this article is ...

  • Tips to Avoid Common Writing Mistakes

    Tips to Avoid Common Writing Mistakes

    Most students don’t like writing essays. But since writing is the most common assignment at college, none of the students can avoid doing it. So even if you dread having to write your next essay, you will still have to do it anyway. Wouldn’t it be better to learn to enjoy the process instead of complaining about how much you dislike it? It’s not as hard as you think. If you learn to avoid common mistakes, your attitude to writing will change drastically. Here is something you should know about writing. If you learn to do it, your life at college will become much easier. ...

  • What Are the Consequences of Steroid Use in Sports?

    What Are the Consequences of Steroid Use in Sports?

    The use of steroids has always been a controversial topic, hasn’t it? There have been numerous attempts taken by sports committees and anti-doping authorities in order to keep this situation under control. However, it was without success. Today, the use of steroids has already become a huge medical problem. The harm caused by steroid substances is being emphasized by a large number of medical and public institutions. Those who are involved in sports and those who use the steroids for therapeutic purposes are both suffering and struggling. Is It Actually Worth Using Steroids? Normally, ...

  • How to Be Able to Read Art Painting

    How to Be Able to Read Art Painting

    If you consider the understanding of modern art as a hard task, you will find the following article useful because we will provide you with a few effective secrets how to be a professional art critic. In particular, we will explain why people appreciate art objects as well teach you how to understand the artists` ideas. Indeed, making sense of what you see is not that difficult as the contemporary art is full of metaphorical images. However, to be able to understand art objects, one should understand what the art is. What Is Art? Art is the special sphere of human activity, which helps both ...